Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick & Easy Custom Onesie Tutorial

I made this adorable custom onesie for my baby girl for her first Halloween. It was so quick.
It is such an easy and fun tutorial! If you have any questions, please let me know! Custome Baby Onesie,

I made this as a gift for my friends baby shower and it seriously took less than 15 minutes. It is so easy! Here's the tutorial:


Onesies or T-Shirt (white works the best)

Piece of cardboard that will stretch out your shirt

Fabric Marker (I prefer the "Stained" brand by Sharpie, they work the best)

Print out using black font of what you'd like your shirt to say

To start out, I searched for free Harry Potter fonts and downloaded them. Then I typed up "Mischief Managed" and "Muggle Born" in my desired fonts. Print them out on cardstock. Trim them to fit in between your shirt and your cardboard piece.

Slide your cut piece in between your shirt and your piece of cardboard.

Anchor your shirt AND the writing so that your shirt is taught and your cardstock underneath doesn't slide around.

Then you just trace over your phrase with your marker carefully.

It won't look identical but it will be pretty darn close!

It was such a seriously quick project that I cranked out several of them at the same time!

If you would like to see how I made the rest of my baby girls outfit, I will be sharing the bow tutorial soon, and you can find the tutu tutorial with a twist here. I used 2 strips of purple and 1 strip of black polka dot tulle.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on fabric markers. I have some different ones I got last year to make Olivia a BYU onesie (hard to find in Salt Lake!) and I seriously do not love them. Just one little Y and the marker was almost dried out. And I'm excited for your link up party! I'll have to remember to do something worth sharing!

  2. I am definitely picky about the markers so I had to share! I hope you'll link up! You're so talented Kimberly!

  3. Unfortunately my very tall child grew out of onsies a long time ago. Very cute though!

  4. I can't believe how simple this is to make! I would have never guessed you traced it because it looks so identical!!

    So excited about your linky party! I'm going to grab the code right now. :)

  5. It really easy SUPER easy! Having the right fabric markers really helps!

    I AM so excited that you grabbed the code! I can't wait to see which of your amazing projects you link up!