Friday, June 23, 2017

Let's Fiesta!

My one year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis was on May 27th. 
I figured I could do one of two things. I could cry about it, dwell on the "why me's" and stay bitter about all of the annoying side effects. OR I could take a different approach. 

Since it happened in May near the Cinco de Mayo, which is absolutely a worthy celebration. I decided that I had something worthy to celebrate as well. My liberation from Cancer. And so a fiesta was in order! 

 The first thing I did was look around and find some details that I loved and based my colors and decor around that. 

I found these napkins at Oriental Trading and I fell in love.

Those paired with the banner (link to similar, I couldn't find the exact one) also found there.

I was able to run with it and it was so easy! Everything basically came together after that. 

Guys, this banner was SO versatile and there was a LOT of it. I was able to use one inside. And I bought an additional one to use outside. 

I knew I wanted to decorate outside but there was so much space so I was at a loss until I saw how much came with the banner. I was such a cute touch and I admit, I may still have it up because I LOVE it. But the tape I used to hold it up isn't holding anymore so it may be time to come down. But the banner is STILL going strong. Have I mentioned how much I loved it? 

I wanted to make a cute wreath for the party but didn't want to break the bank. So a pool noodle wreath totally did the trick! All I did was simply cute felt in strips, Then fringed it. Then glued it around my noodle. 

Of course I wanted a simple favor for my guests to take away so I found some mexican candy on Amazon and had it next to the entry way. And how cute are those mini maracas? 

Those mini maracas and the mini pinatas were placed here and there throughout my home and I just loved the cute touch. 

I knew I wanted something for the kids to do so I had some blank maracas there for them to decorate.

 It was a total hit! 

Each kiddo made a couple of them. I had sharpies and stickers there for them to use. 

I also knew that I wanted a Pinata. Originally I had chosen the Butterfly because it's a symbol of new life. But that morning my sweet girlie very seriously told me that we couldn't beat up the butterfly. It was too beautiful. And she was right. So in came another pinata. The cancer pinata. 

And each of the kids had an opportunity to beat cancer. I may have taken a wack at it myself. :) And how cute is my Dad?

Last but certainly not least let's talk about food. This fiesta was SO easy to put together with ordering the bulk of my decor from Oriental Trading. And mixing together both store bought and homemade food. 

I was sure to use my own dishes that I had to make sure it all flowed and gave a nice finished look. I made sure to only try and bite off what I could handle. I homemade the dip and it was the BOMB. I received so many compliments on it so I will for sure share the recipe in my next post. See that cute pinata in the background? It's a vase. Yep, a vase. Let's zoom in shall we? 

That little darling may just have been one of my favorite parts of the party to make! I will post a quick tutorial in another post as well. I'm all about easy crafts these days. 

Guys that was it! I had such a fun time at the fiesta. It was a blast being surrounded by loved ones. I threw a friends and family one and my heart was filled with the love and support at both. I wanted to do something to show my gratitude to them. And I hope that this party and bringing some joy to their lives did a little of that. 

I hope you were able to find some inspiration here and go on to throw your own awesome fiesta and bring some joy to others! I tried to link to everything throughout my post but if I missed one you could find almost everything (and more) here


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion Tutorial

My daughter's room has been an ongoing project and I knew I wanted a little something special to put in there with a message from me to bring her heart joy. I truly believe little messages and sayings throughout the home really set the tone of the home. 

I bought a chandelier a while ago and kept seeing adorable ceiling medallions but they were over the top expensive, and I knew I could make one myself and personalize it with a message that I wanted to say to her. 

I love Ribbon, I think it adds so much fun and dimension to different projects. 

Here's what you need to make your own Ribbon Ceiling Medallion: 


16" ceiling medallion (this size is perfect for a smaller fixture) 
Gold Paint
Foam Paintbrush
Hot Glue Gun & Hot Gluesticks
Needle & Thread
Washable Marker

Paint the medallion. With the metallic paint I chose, it took several coats of paint but the end result is so perfect it was worth the time. Let your paint sit between coats. I admit, I had to whip out the blow dryer towards the end because I was so excited to get the rest of my project going! 

While the paint is drying on your medallion, gather the supplies for your ribbon flowers. This is where I used the Pearlies, Pearl Flowers and Spooled Ruffle Ribbon. 

These ribbon flowers were so easy to make! I cut about 24 inches of ribbon and then simply gather stitched right above the bottom ruffle. You can see what that looks like in the picture below. As you stitch, the ribbon will gather itself and start to spiral which is perfect for the flower shape. I fastened the ribbon in a few places with a small amount of hot glue to make sure it kept its shape. 

Once I had the flower base, I glued the Pearl Flower directly to the middle of it. I think this flower would be DARLING as a bow for a little girls' hair. So I made a few more just for my daughter. If you'd like to turn it into a bow you could either glue or hand sew it to an alligator clip and voila! You have a classy bow for a little girl, or even for you! 

Once the medallion is completely dry, layout your design. I set my flowers on first and added a couple of petite lace leaves to two of my ribbon flowers. Grab your Dainty Lace and start spelling out your word. I wanted mine to say "Sweet Dreams" but you could personalize it with a name or special saying. I fastened the letters with hot glue as I went. 

To add more dimension use another type of lace or ribbon for the second word, or even each letter. I used the lavender petite lace. Since I was using cursive with it, I used a washable marker to give myself a guide. You could start out with the washable marker as a guide from the beginning, though I'd recommend using a lighter color marker.  

Often times you learn as you go so I learned some lessons for you! The petite lace was a little too thick to pull off cursive but I loved the trim around the edges, so I just used that. This lace has some stretch to it which is perfect for the curves in my letters. 

This step is where you get up close and personal with your glue gun. If you don't have a high tolerance for the glue, I'd recommend using the tip of a chopstick to avoid burns. Trace the lines you wrote with your glue then fasten the ribbon to it. 

Once you've finished all of your ribbon writing, attach your Ribbon Flowers and that's it! You've got yourself a Ribbon Ceiling Medallion! 

All that is left is for you to install your medallion, I think it is the perfect addition to any little girls' room and it has a sweet message from you. There's something special about crafts from the heart and this is one of them!

You guys, this is one of my favorite projects! I love snuggling with her after bedtime stories and looking up at her pretty chandelier complete with a love note from Mamma.

Another cute saying I thought of would be "To the moon", short for "I love you to the moon and back."
Or even simply, "I love you."
What would you write to share joy if you made one?

If you'd like to see Part I of her room makeover, click here


Friday, April 21, 2017

My Purpose. My Why.

As most of you know, I'm at SNAP Conference this year. 
To be honest, I felt kind of silly coming at first. I mean, my last blog post was back in December and I'd been hit or miss before that. 
I wasn't sure why I decided to go. Mainly it was for girl time with Lindsay
But there was something deeper. 
A pull. 
I felt like SNAP would help me figure my whole blog out. 
I knew it was definitely time to "rebrand" as they say. 
To redefine what my blog was about because truthfully, I have been redefined. 
But into what?! 
So with a prayer in my heart that God would help me find my focus and use me as an instrument in His hands. I came. 

Within moments I knew. It was a pull that I knew was inspired. 
A role I am meant to fulfill. 
And this card is what started it all...

I bet you're waiting for me to get to the point right? 
Well I'm getting there! 
See these kids? I almost lost them. 
They are my everything. 

Cancer tried to take that from me. 
But through cancer I realized a key lesson. 
Find JOY in the Journey. 

Now here's what I'm getting at you guys! 
Here's my WHY, my Purpose:
No matter where you are in life, no matter who you are, no matter what sorrows you are facing or even if you're just trying to make the best out of what you've got. I am going to make a promise to you and that is to help you find JOY in YOUR journey. 

Whether it is through family recipes from my Ohana to share with yours to warm your Ohana's bellies, or fun kid's activities to make the most of your time together to build memories your little ones will treasure.

My goal is to help you find that Joy. 
The purpose of "What Does The Cox Say?" is to help you find that Joy, fight for it, or simply keep it alive. 

Why? Because I came close to losing that JOY and it is something to be treasured and fought for. It's something we're going to do together.

You deserve it. We deserve it.
As overly cheesy as it seems, THAT is my purpose. 

My name IS Jessica Joy after all.
May God bless you my friends, and stick around because the JOY is going to be brought.