Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mickey Themed 2nd Birthday Party

As I was looking through old posts I realized that I never shared any of my kiddos' birthday parties on here. It's a travesty I tell you! 
Since I shared the tutorial for the Mickey Mouse Cake. I thought I'd start with his 2nd Birthday Party first. It was so fun to plan. One thing I realized that I would need to do is have a mix between homemade and store bought. It is just to hard and expensive to do everything on your own!

I knew I wanted to make his shirt for sure. I wish I had a fancy embroidery machine but I don't so I did the best I could and I still think it turned out pretty cute!  
It was so simple. All I did was cut out a Mickey shaped head, cut a triangle out of red fabric and cut out a little pom pom shape and the shape for the bottom. I did use my cricut to cut out the 2 since I loved the mickey font. I put iron on backing on all of it and ironed it onto the shirt. Then I used a tight zig zag stitch and stitched slowly around the edges. It's not perfect but it adds to the character. 
Doesn't he look cute in it?

You can't see all of the decor. I hand made tissue flowers and hung them from the ceiling. Since my little man LOVES balloons I went all out with those. He was in heaven. The best thing you can do is find what your little one loves and go to town. 

As far as food goes, I had the intention of making everything myself. But time runs out so quickly! If you are familiar with Costco then you are familiar with my food spread. To class it up a little bit I did put things in dishes that matched my theme and voila...lunch is ready! 

I wanted a little something that guests could bring home so I gathered some jars that my mom used at my wedding and we used them for a Candy Bar. It was a hit. I love having these jars so much. You can use them for parties and in your holiday and every day decor. You will see one of these jars in a vignette post I will be sharing soon. 

It was such a fun party. It felt well put together and looked like I put a lot of time into it. While I did in some aspects, I loved that I could just focus on my little guy. Especially since at the time of the party it was only a matter of days until his baby sister was born. 
Man I love this little guy! I will be posting more of their parties soon! 
If you'd like to see those ideas and many more, be sure to follow along. I love new friends!


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