Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Wooden Plate Decor

If you're new here then you don't know that I used to be Cox's Corner. A couple years ago I was part of a craft challenge and made this darling fall plate:

I was so excited to receive the package for the challenge! 

 Inside of it was a wooden plate,
2 pieces of double sided scrapbook paper,
1 sheet of black vinyl,
1 sheet of orange sparkly vinyl,
1 sheet of green sparkly vinyl,
transfer paper,
a roll of adhesive,
small package of Halloween style buttons,
and a few black and white flowers.

 Also, there was information on a craft challenge. We were to take the contents of the box and create a fun project out of it!

Would you like to see what I came up with? I'm a little bummed that the pictures don't really do it justice...but here it is!

I first spray painted my plate brown. While it was drying I got out my Cameo and set to work. I'm not going to lie, having a cutting machine, specifically a cameo, really helped in getting this project done quickly. However, if you don't have a cameo you can still try your hand at this project!

1. I decided which sheet would be my bottom layer. I measured the inside circle of my plate and it was approximately 9.8 inches. So I told my Cameo to cut a 9.8 inch circle out of it.  You could use a compass (those old school math things with a pencil) or a plate and trace around it.

2. I used the adhesivethey sent me to make sure my bottom sheet stayed in place.

3. I took the second sheet of scrapbook paper and created a scalloped circle border by first choosing a basic 9.8 inch scalloped circle as a background and then adding a smaller circle to the inside. My Cameo then cut both shapes for me leaving me with a border. If you don't have a cameo, You could cut your own scallop edged circle by tracing one you printed off online and cutting around it. Then trace around a smaller plate that is inside of your circle. Then cut it out.

4. Here's where it might get tricky if you don't have a Cameo, but it can still be done. I cut out the word grateful in one of my favorite fonts from the orange vinyl. Then using transfer tape I placed it where I thought it would look best.

5. I cut out two small circles from the green vinyl and put it on each side of my grateful. I could tell that it needed a little more...

6. I then cut out small pumpkins and stems out of the orange and green vinyl and placed them on every other scalloped edge around the circle.

7. I decided as a finished touch, I would add a cute pennant banner. So I cut out triangles from the scraps of my paper that I had left over. Hole punched a couple of corners. Distressed the edges of the triangles with distressing ink. Then threaded some bakers twine to make a banner.

8. I then tied my twine in a bow through two black buttons. One on each side. Then, I stuck my banner on with adhesive on the back of each button, and that's it!

I really LOVE the way this cute little plate turned out.

If you like mine, you should see the Christmas one my mom made! She blogs over at Ninja Grandma!



  1. LOVE THE NEW SITE! I hear over and over of people switching but no one ever says if it was worth it. You've got to post is you automatically go up in numbers just because the SEO on your site is better. I'm just dying to know if it's worth the effort! I hope you dish...

    Love the project too, keep on craftin'!

  2. I love the way your plate turned out! That little banner is adorable, and the glittery vinyl adds just the perfect touch.
    And I agree with Melissa, I hope that you'll share if it was worth changing to wordpress. :) Is there a hard learning curve? I've been on blogger for over 4 years, so I know how to use it.

  3. Love the little banner- perfect addition. Have a good weekend.

  4. That turned out SO cute! I love the little bunting, adorable.

    rae gun ramblings

  5. this is really adorable, love the little banner!

  6. Thanks girl! I have gotta say I'm glad that I switched over. I feel more at ease!

  7. Thanks Gina! I hope you had a great weekend too!

  8. Thanks girl! The bunting is my favorite part too!