Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weightloss Wednesday

Basically I'm keeping my motivation but nothing new is going on. 
I just gotta remember what I want and why I want it.
My weight loss is still: 
But let me be honest here, I gained about 8 or 9 back, got my tush in gear and lost it again. Which is a relief. Also, I'm working on getting things straight in my personal life as well. I can not begin to tell you how important it is to get things straight with your higher power, for me that is my Heavenly Father. I have received so much inspiration since I decided to. Everything is starting to fall into place. 
I know that with him, ALL things are possible. 
Even this weightloss which seems like the longest road ahead...ever. 
But it will be SO worth it. I just know it.

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  1. just found your blog. How's your weight loss journey going now? Fitness Ridge sounds amazing.