Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day

I know that usually I post a Weightloss Wednesday update, but Memorial Day this year was such a special experience for me, I just wanted to put it on here so that I can remember it forever. 
The picture below, to me, perfectly represents Memorial Day. 
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An Air Force Veteran, whom I am proud to call my Dad teaching the younger generation what service and sacrifice truly means. I teared up seeing my little ones walking towards the crosses and flags with my dad. 
I found myself reflecting on the men and women who gave their lives in the wars for freedom. How many of them left behind children of their own? 
I reflected on how each one of them is somebodies child. 
I know how badly my heart would ache to lose one of my babies. 
To lose my husband, or my father. 
I'm grateful that we have a special day devoted to reflect upon those sacrifices. 

When I was in High School, we did a special night of Honor and Remembrance for the veterans that had participated in the past wars. For each war we had the veterans come up to the stage. We even had some WWI veterans there. 
But what stands out to me this day was that one of the WWII Veterans recalled from that night, the as he stood there on the stage looking out to the audience. And he saw in the seats that were originally empty he fallen comrades from the war. I bet that would be an amazing experience to have. 

As my day progressed we went to a splash pad to cool off with the babies, then we had an easy lunch and naps (I of course blogged during naptime). Then it was time to head to my parents house for a family BBQ. I loved being gathered together with my family. We laughed and joked. And as the evening progressed and people went home, it was just me, my mom and my oldest brother sitting at a table watching my dad play in a kiddie pool with my babies. In the background my brother was playing patriotic music. Some of our favorites. 
My heart became so full. I was filled with gratitude for the sacrifices made that I was able to sit and watch my children freely. The only thing I maybe would have feared was them getting a cold from being in the water for too long. 

I didn't have to be afraid of an air attack from enemies. Or gunshots from enemy forces. For that I am eternally grateful.

To the men and women who fight for my freedom, who have fought for my freedom, and especially those that gave their lives for my freedom,  I want to say thank you.
You are prayed for and thought of. 

May we all remember that "All gave some and some gave all". 
Our freedom isn't free. 
We are so blessed for what we have.

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