Friday, January 31, 2014

Interchangeable Wreath Form Tutorial

I posted this Burlap Interchangeable Wreath Form previously on Cox's Corner. There are so many fun things that you can do with it. I love that it was a quick, inexpensive project. I love even more that I can change up how it looks. 
For under 5$ and in less than 30 minutes you can have a great interchangeable wreath as well!
Interchangeable Wreath Form by #burlap #wreath
I love the idea of most interchangeable wreaths but I don't really like that most of them have velcro so you're stuck with only being able to attach things in certain places. So with my wreath you can put your items anyplace you want!
-1.25-1.5 yards of burlap
-Hot glue gun/glue sticks
-Wreath Form (I used a pool noodle form, but a foam wreath would work too)
-Thumb Tacks
-Straight Pins (the longer the better)
-Mod Podge
-Things to decorate your wreath (I used wooden numbers, artificial flowers and ribbon)

Step 1. Start out by cutting your burlap into approx. 4 inch strips. You'll use about 4 or 5 strips around your wreath.

Step 2. You will start wrapping your burlap around your wreath. I've heard that you can't use hot glue on a pool noodle. I was able to without any problems...I just wonder if it's because I use a low temperature glue gun. To be double sure that it would stay in place, after I put glued the burlap to my wreath, I took thumb tacks and put glue on the tips and put them into the wreath form. I'm sure you'd be fine with just the hot glue...I'm just thorough.

Step 3: Wrap your burlap around your wreath form. Once you get to the back of your form put a line of glue on the burlap that is already attached to the wreath and attach your next row of burlap. Only put your glue on the back so if it seeps through it won't look bad.

Once you run out of a strip of burlap, try to make it so that you attach your new strip in the very back of your wreath form. Just put a line of glue along the end of your old strip, attach your new strip and continue wrapping your wreath.

You can choose to leave you wreath as is, or you can continue onto my next step of adding a ruffle.

Step 4: To add your ruffle  you just fold a new strip of burlap back and forth onto itself and glue it to your wreath. In the picture below I marked every part where you need to put glue onto your wreath.

You repeat this step over and over as you continue wrapping it around your wreath. Your ruffles should look like this as you continue them around your wreath.

This is what the base of your interchangeable wreath will look like. Because of the nature of your burlap and the pool noodle, straight pins work perfectly to attach objects to your wreath.

I didn't like the way my ruffle edges started to fray so I put a line of mod-podge around the entire edge and let it dry. It dried on clear so you can't even tell anything is there! It worked like a charm!

I used wooden numbers that I painted, flowers and some bows I made.

On the back of my numbers was a staple. I just put some extra thin ribbon through the staple and tied a knot. I then stuck a straight pin though that know and pushed it through my wreath form.

For my bows I just put my bow where I wanted it to be on my wreath form, then took two straight pins and pushed them through my bow and into the wreath form.

For my flowers, I separated them so I could get to the very end of the stem, then I pushed my needle through an edge of the stem and pushed my flowers into the wreath form where I wanted them to be.

If you like what you see please feel free to follow me! You can also find me on pinterest! Have a wonderful day!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Duck Tape Clutch Tutorial

I have a tutorial for you today!

I would like to share with you my Duck Tape Clutch tutorial! 
Duck Tape Clutch #tutorial #ducktape

I made mine a little cutesy because I had a specific purpose in mind for it. I wanted mine to be a diaper clutch. With different colors of Duck Tape you could EASILY transform it into a classy clutch to take out on the town! Could you imagine using the a lace print of Duck Tape (it exists!) and a beautiful blingy button?! Talk about awesome!

For your clutch you will need:
2 rolls of Duck Tape in different colors if you'd like to do a chevron type pattern or alternate stripes.
Scissors (a sharp pair that you don't mind getting gummy from tape residue)
Clear Vinyl (you can also use a plastic table cloth, trash bag, cute fabric etc.) 
Velcro (I recommend heavy duty strips...I just didn't have any on hand...)
Need & Matching Thread

 Now, unfortunately I don't have any exact measurements for you. Here's what I did:
 Step 1: To start out I cut my vinyl. I went with vinyl so that I would wipe it down since it's a diaper clutch...heaven knows what you could get on there...
I put the amount of diapers I like to carry in my purse and a wipes case on my vinyl and wrapped the vinyl around the items to see where I needed to cut it. I then cut my vinyl to the measured length. I wanted to add a scalloped edge so I folded it in half (hot dog style) and Free handed the scalloped top. You could make yours come to a "V" or just straight across. It's all about personal preference! 

Step 2: Fold your lining into fourths (if you are making my chevron pattern) OR if you are doing an alternate strip pattern or solid color you can leave your lining flat. Anchor your lining down using two small piece of tape. I have found Duck Tape easily peels off of counter tops and wood far as other surfaces...I have no idea, so be careful where you anchor it.

Step 3: Alternate between your two tape colors. It's ok if you go over the edges a LITTLE. By doing so you're providing yourself with a guide on the other parts of your bag. Make sure your ends are cut straight. It doesn't look very good if they're choppy.

Step 4: Unfold your vinyl once, so it is not folded in half. Make sure where your tape was hanging if the sides that it is nicely attached to your vinyl. Start taping your other half of vinyl following my pattern above. To do the other half simply refold your lining so the blank side is showing and repeat steps 3 & 4!

Step 5: Add a strip of duck tape along each side of your vinyl/lining, then flip your vinyl over and put a strip of duck type right on top of each strip that you just put on the sides. So that the sticky sides are together. In the picture it shows a second strip face up and ready for the other strip to be placed on top of it. I decided it made the bag too wide so I took it off.

 This picture will confuse you a little. Instead of having your lining be on the bottom and duck tape up like pictured above. It is best to have the duck tape on the bottom and the vinyl facing up. So when you fold your clutch the duck type design shows on the outside.
Step 6: With your clutch completely flat, bring up the bottom part of it and fold it almost into thirds. You don't want to fold over the top just yet. I put my diapers and wipes in to make sure the pocket I was creating would be wide enough.

Step 7: Take a strip of duck tape long enough to go along the sides of the folded part (see above picture) and place it half way on your clutch and let half hang over the edge (see picture again). Then fold your tape over onto the other side of your clutch so that now your two sides are connected. Repeat with the other side.

This next part is a little tricky to explain so please refer to the picture below.
After your sides are connected if you spread out your clutch, it looks a little funny and won't nicely hold everything. So you flip it upside down and pinch the corner. It will create a triangled looking point. See below? That's what you want! 

Step 8: Take your finger and put it at the tip of your triangle and push it through the bottom of your bag. 

It should now look like this:

Step 9: Repeat with the other side and anchor it with a strip of duck tape. You're almost done!

Step 10. Grab your self adhesive Velcro and make sure both parts of it are attached! Peel off the paper on one side. Attach it to the top inside flap of your clutch. Peel of the paper on the other side and fold the top of your clutch over. Press down where you want your clutch to close. Now your velcro is attached perfectly!

Step 11: Optional, sew on your button and admire your cute new clutch!
A view from the inside:

And again from the outside:


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cabbage Patch Doll Hat Tutorial

This post was originally on my old blog Cox's Corner, but since I loved it so much I decided to bring it here. I will be doing that with my favorite projects in the following weeks. If you have any that you're looking for, please let me know.
Cabbage Patch Beanie Tutorial from #crochet #kidsbeanie #cabbagepatchbeanie
I am dying over how incredibly cute this hat turned out! 
I saw a picture (link below) on pinterest last night and I told my husband that I HAD to make it for Baby Sis! It was such a quick project, so I wanted to share it with all of you! When you click on the original link to the photo linked below in pinterest, it just brings you to google. So if you know who created this darling project and idea please let me know so that I can give them credit!
Here's a link to the original on pinterest. Due to legal things I'm a little squeamish to put the actual picture up on my post...So please head over there to see the original. It is super cute!
Would you like to make one too?
For the base of my hat, I found a basic beanie pattern that I liked AND that was easy.
You can find the one that I used here.
It is a very well written tutorial and super easy to follow! 
Once your base is done you will need a pair of scissors and a crochet needle.

We are going to do the bangs first. You'll note in the original picture that her bangs are cut, which is totally ok, but all of my dolls had loops for bangs so I went in that direction!
I determined what would be the front of my hat. Then went to work.
1. Flatten it out in half. 

2. Cut a very long string of yarn and thread your needle.

3. Starting TWO ROWS from the BOTTOM you will poke your needle through the first hole that is on one side of the front half of your beanie. 
4. Pull your string through until you reach the end and tie a knot creating a loop. Hide your knot on the inside. 
5. In the SAME hole you will make 2 more loops which wrap around the bottom of your hat and back to the hole you poked through.
6. Once you've made three loops in one hole you will move onto the next hole in your row and make another three loops. You will repeat this step across the front half of your hat.
 7. Once you reach the other edge, tie off your final loop with the knot hidden on the inside again. 

You're ready for your pigtails! 
8. Set aside about an 8 inch string of yarn. 
9. Grab your nearest thin DVD case and wrap  your yarn around it 50 times.

10. Cut on ONE edge of your wrapped yarn. Find the middle of your yarn bundle and wrap it with your piece of yarn you set aside. Tie it tight! It will look almost like a tassel.
11. TWO rows from the TOP of your hat (keeping it folded in half) thread one of the ends of your 8 inch strings through a hole that is on the edge of the second row. With your second end of your 8 inch string thread it through the hole right next to the one your put the other string in.
12. Tie a knot on the inside of your beanie. Make sure it's a good one! 
13. Repeat steps 8-12 on the other side.
14. Put it on a super cute baby and take lots of pictures! :) 

If you have any questions please feel free to message me! I respond to all of them.
Also, please remember all of my tutorials and printables are for personal use only.

Also! Do you see the tool I'm holding in this picture:
Picture taken by Jeanette Parker, one of my new blog buddies!
It is the COOLEST tool ever! I was introduced to it at an AWESOME blogger event that I'm super excited to tell you about. So stay tuned! I seriously want one so bad for my birthday which is in 15 days...we'll see. :)
Have a wonderful day,

Monday, January 20, 2014


Have you ever heard of the term FOMO? 
It's actually a thing. A real life thing.
It's an acronym for "Fear of Missing Out". 
The Urban Dictionary Definition for it is: "The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great."
Please tell me other people have it too! 

I can remember that fear as early as high school, you know when you find out a bunch of people you normally would hang out with either plan something when you can't go, or they don't even invite you and the next day you're all:
Anybody else feel me on this?! 
Some of my favorite people were invited to a blogger event and I'm all what about me?
None for Gretchen Wieners, #FOMO
I mean I gotta admit, it's not like the event organizers even have me on their radar, I'm pretty much a noob. I gotta give a shout out to the bloggers that did get invited because I know they're amazing and work super hard for the opportunities that come their way! 
But still don't you hate it when you don't get invited?
That is all. Have fun ladies if you got invited, and if you didn't, at least we can be in the FOMO club together! :) 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

A New Haven

A little over a year ago I started working at the most rewarding job I have ever been blessed to have. It's funny how it happened. Often time the girls I work with would ask me "what brought you to New Haven". 
The truth is, I firmly believe that God did. Not because I think I'm God's gift to New Haven, far from it...I think it has been His gift to me. 
I was working at a call center for some extra income when out of nowhere they shut the entire center down, displacing over a hundred employees. I didn't technically need a job, but the extra income was nice. So I started looking at online job listings and I stumbled on one for New Haven. 
New Haven RTC, Thoughts on New Haven RTC
I had driven past New Haven several times over the last couple of years to my brothers house. The side road was perfect to get us where we needed to be. Every time I passed by, it may sound weird but it's almost as though the houses there called to me, they tugged at my heart with curiosity. So when I saw the job listing, I knew that I needed to apply for the job.
Upon setting foot on their campus it felt like a special place. I read the stone signs with their vision on them.
"We have a vision of a world where every young woman makes peace with her past, thrives in the present and facilitates lasting change hand in hand with the support of her family."
With my life experiences I couldn't agree more with that statement. Walking through that door for my interview truly changed my life. 
It has opened doors to some of my most treasured friendships, I have become a better person while working there and because I had the income we were able to build the home we are in now. 
But that's not all. 3 to 4 days a week I am given the honor to go to work and spend time with some of the most courageous teenage girls I know. It is not always a walk in the park, some days are down right difficult and I think "they don't pay me enough for this!" And other days are so amazing I think to myself "I can't believe I get paid for this!" Friday nights are my absolute favorite there. I get to plan CRAFT NIGHTS! I get paid to craft with some awesome people. How cool is that?! Since the ages of the girls I work with are 12-18 I will be sharing some of the crafts we have done together so that perhaps it may help some of you come up with ideas on crafts you can do with girls in that age group. 
Also, my work has an amazing website with a blog that has a wealth of information and how to deal with all sorts of difficulties teens and families face day to day. Go check it out here.
This was not even close to a sponsored post. It is just something I am so passionate about that I wanted to share with you.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Something New...

I tried something new today. I let my little man stay up from his nap a little longer than his baby sister. 
Usually he comes out of his room a million times before finally falling asleep for his nap. Instead of getting annoyed. Today I decided to try something new. I decided to spend some one on one time with him. Just the two of us. 
I hadn't seen him light up and belly laugh as much as he did in a long time. We just sat and talked and played together. 
I think I'm going to make this a reoccurring thing. I loved it just as much or if not more than he did. I love that little guy so much.

Monday, January 13, 2014


I am so excited about the prospect of finishing our basement, or at least starting to finish our basement this year. 
I have visions of craft rooms, play rooms, man caves and indoor theater rooms dancing in my head. Forget the sugar plums. 
I think it will allow for a lot of fun changes. I think it would be awesome to have an indoor mini jungle gym and slide in the kids playroom. 
It will be nice to have an area to be messy create.
We will be doing everything that we can ourselves but hiring out for the bathroom, plumbing and electricity. Part of the idea is a little overwhelming and the other part is so exciting! So I will definitely be sharing updates on the progress.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Resolve To...

That is because I have decided to take the New Year and use it as a New Start for my blog as well as aspects of my life. Over the next few weeks I will be getting back into a blog schedule. 
I wanted to share my 2014 Resolutions with you so you can keep me accountable!
If you can't read them in the picture you can click on it to make it bigger.
For those of you who follow Cox's Corner through facebook you may have noticed some pretty drastic changes. As in no blog design and a lot of my old posts are missing. 
If you're into the whole colorful look, I made a blank one for you! So that you can print it out yourself.
I just love all of the colors. They make me happy. 
As far as the blog change goes, I wanted to share a few things you can look forward to. 
A new blog design by the amazing Lindsay from ArtsyFartsyMama. I will be posting every Wednesday for Weight Loss Wednesday. I did so much better with my weight loss when I was being accountable on here. I will also be sharing more lifestyle posts and recipes and of course tutorials. 
I work with teenage girls ages 12-18 and I have the honor to plan a craft for them every week. So if you have a calling in Young Womens or the Youth in your church, or if you work with those ages, I will be sharing a lot of the crafts we did and whether the girls enjoyed them or not and how they turned out. 
So stay tuned! 
For those of you that are still here after all of my blog changes, I just wanted to thank you for your friendship and support!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One Little Word for 2014

One little word from #olw
I love choosing a word to define my year. For this year I decided on the word "Freedom". I decided to put it into three categories to help define my goal making it measurable. The first is Freedom from being overweight and my food addiction. 
The second is Freedom from debt. I hate, HATE, hate having that burden on my shoulders and knowing that we are not saving that money or spending it on things we would love to do as a family because we are in debt and stuck. And the third is Freedom from guilt. I know that this one is a little harder to measure but I think it's important. 
So many times throughout the day I find myself feeling guilty for the things I should have done or didn't do either as a wife, mother, friend, daughter etc. Instead I want to focus on the things that I have done. Instead of all of my "To-Do's", I'd like to celebrate my "TA-Da's!"
Now that I've shared my "One Little Word" for 2014, I'd love to hear yours!