Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weightloss Wednesday Days 19-25

Occasionally at work, I am blessed to sit in on therapy with one of my girls and her therapist. This dude knows a ton and is SO insightful! I always walk away having learned a valuable lesson. The lesson I learned this week was:
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When he said it, it totally dawned on me that it is so true. Even if I'm anxious, even if I feel like just whispering the word, when I have said "Yes" it has opened the door to some amazing experiences. 
Just this last week, I said "Yes" (ok if I'm being honest it was more of a whisper) to something I have ALWAYS wanted to do every since I saw "Million Dollar Baby". 
But the opportunity never arose, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't seek it out because of my weight. My weight ALWAYS would get in my way, but like I said in my last more! I accepted an invitation to go to Muay Thai with one of my favorite people from back home (she is an incredible inspiration to me) and her friend who happens to be a pro boxer...NBD ;). 
It was at a place called:
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Sounds pretty hard core right? It totally is. I was TERRIFIED to walk in there and have the other gym members look at me and see in their faces that they were thinking "what's the fattie doing here?!" I was terrified that I couldn't keep up, or that I'd toss my cookies.
But that didn't happen. These elite people were so kind to me. My friends friend helped me figure out some techniques and even asked me "have you ever done this before?" My ego may have swelled up for a fraction of a second. I felt comfortable asking questions, and even the instructor commented that we did great.
I made up my mind when I walked through those doors that this would be my mantra:

I couldn't do all of the moves they did, but I committed to keep moving and keep trying no matter what. And afterwards it felt great!

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up and I wanted to give my husband an amazing gift. I've known for a while that he has wanted to learn one of the Martial Arts. So I decided what better gift to give him than fulfilling one of his dreams, and getting healthy together as a couple.
Gym Key Gift Idea from #thepit
I have my first boxing class tonight and I'm so excited.
I still struggle with cheating and I'm trying to see how many days I can do without a cheat. I realize I am only cheating myself, but as a food addict, it is so difficult to go cold turkey. It is all about progression.
Anyways here's my weight loss:
It's technically 18.8 pounds, but who is counting? ;) I'm feeling so much better about myself and I have more energy AND I'm able to live my dream of learning how to Box and Kick Box (Muay Thai). Lots of winning here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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