Sunday, April 27, 2014

Graduation Money Holder Gift Idea

Hi Friends! I wanted to share a post with you today, but I didn't want to just post to post so I started thinking and thinking about what I could share that would be awesome. Then it hit me! Graduation is coming up SOON and I have a super fun gift idea for you!

This is a post from last year and it was my VERY FIRST tutorial I ever did! Yep. Back when I had 13 followers and my blog was named "Cox's Creations". :) So I'm pretty sure more of you might see it this time!

The picture quality cracks me up!
Here is the tutorial, I hope you enjoy it.

This is my very first tutorial so bear with me if it's too wordy or too many pictures etc!

I decided to make a cute bank for my nephew who is graduating from high school. Am I the only person that thinks it is impossible to craft for a guy?!? I wanted to give him something simple, yet practical. And this was born! My graduation cap transforming bank!


One empty and thoroughly cleaned formula can (or something similar)

Black contact paper (if you want to make it into a chalkboard label bank like I did). If not, black paper would work fine.

Cash (in smaller bills to tape together)

Scotch tape

Exacto Knife (don't mess with the's me)

Black cardstock

Ribbon to match the graduates school colors


Hot glue gun

Button to match your ribbon

Step one: Remove your label from your can and clean it out.

Step two: Line up your cash with the center of the lid to figure out how big to cut your slot.

Step three: Make sure your cash fits through the slot easily!
Step four: Measure your lid. Mine was approximately 3 inches so I added two inches to make sure the hat over lapped the edges of the lid nicely.

Step five: Lay your lid in the middle of your cardstock square (I cut mine 5x5), press down on the lid and cardstock to make sure nothing slides and make a slit right down the middle.

Step six: Cut the top and the bottom but DO NOT CUT THE SIDES!
Step seven: since I wanted the cap to be easily removed without leaving a residue on the lid, I just folded the sides back (note the arrows) and used scotch tape to keep them in place. It worked great!

This is what the top should look like now.

Step eight: Cut a strip of contact paper that will fit around your can and apply it carefully. I had some leftover from a previous project that I will post tomorrow! If you go with the cardstock route just make sure that you add adhesive here and there as you work your way around so that it doesn't slip!

Your cute little cap bank! You could leave it as is if you'd like! OR...

You can add money! Who doesn't like money?! :) To get more bang for my buck I decided to just use one dollar bills.

Step nine: Tape your bills together on both sides.

Step ten: Roll them all up once you're done taping. But leave the top one unrolled a little.

Step eleven: Take your dollar and slide it through the opening in the top and let the rest of the roll sit in the formula can. Put the lid on the can.

Step twelve: make your tassel! I'm sure there's an easier way to do this but I just cut strips in my ribbon and took a lighter to it. If somebody knows the easier way. Please let me know!

Step thirteen: tape your tassel to the dollar that is sticking out the top of your jar and push the dollar back in so just your tassel is sticking out. Glue a matching button to your ribbon.

Step fourteen: Admire the cuteness that is your awesome gift! :)

And if you're like me and can't leave good enough alone...whip out your chalkboard markers and add a cute message to the graduate!

Do you have anybody special graduating this year? I have a niece that is, and I have a feeling this is just the gift for her!


  1. That is soooo cute and creative!! Totally using this next time I give a graduate gift! :)

  2. What a creative gift idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a great and cute idea!! You are absolutely correct that it seems almost impossible to craft for a guys gift.....especially high school guys!! We have five graduation parties to go to this year and ALL of them are guys!

    I don't have any formula cans so will need to use something different....any suggestions?

    Do you have a favorite brand of Chalkboard marker you would recommend? I don't have any of these markers but want to get some to make these banks. I checked Amazon and Wow! what a range of prices!! The reason I want it to make it like a "chalkboard" is both my husband and I are teachers....and four of the five guys I taught in elementary school!

    Thanks for your great tutorial!!!

  4. This is such a great gift idea! I agree, guys are hard to come up with gifts for. You can never go wrong with money! I love that you pull the ribbon/tassle to get the money out. SO cute! Thank you for linking up to The Creative Exchange!

  5. This is a DARLING idea!!!! Thanks for linking up to The Creative Exchange ♥

  6. Such a cute and practical idea! It would be great to use for birthday parties too!