Monday, May 5, 2014

My Take On The Family Tree

I've been on the hunt for easy meaningful mother's day gifts this year. 
This past craft of mine came to mind!

I wanted to share my take on the family tree. I made this almost two years ago and it is still going strong, which I love!

Brown Vinyl
Green Vinyl
Tan Vinyl
Blue Scrapbook Paper
Green Scrapbook Paper
Blue Marker
Green Marker
Mod Podge

To start out. I cut 10-4x4 squares, and 20-2x2 squares. I arranged them on my canvas. Then I cut some hills for the bottom. I mod podged all of my pieces onto the canvas and let it dry. After it was all dry, I added in little details with markers. I "stitched" around the edges of the square with my blue marker and added green grass to my little green hills.

From there...the fun started! I chose a tree shape that I loved and went to work!
I placed my tree on my canvas then I proceeded to cut out leaves, a cute silhouette family and some silhouette heads for my leaves.
After everything was placed, I added details to my leaves. I went through and added the names of our family members etc. I had one extra leaf that needed a we've officially adopted Chuck Norris.
 It was such a quick project and I am thrilled with the result!

*I received this Craft Vinyl from to review two years ago. All opinions are completely my own and let me tell you...this Vinyl was awesome to work with.



  1. This is sooo adorable! Love the sweet family in the background.. and you are one lucky lady to be related to Chuck Norris (even in spirit). I will be sure to watch out for your karate kick!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

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  3. Hey Jessica. It turned out awesome! We shared it on our blog today! Enjoy your crafting with vinyl!!!

  4. Thanks Amie! The little family is my favorite since it's like my family! We definitely like Chuck Norris around here!

  5. Love it!! Looks so cool. I really love that you are related to Chuck Norris. That makes you even more awesome. :)

  6. Very cute- I need to play with vinyl more. have a good day!

  7. Thanks girl! Yeah me and Chuck Norris are like this *crosses fingers* :)

  8. The textured background is my favorite. Inspiring!

  9. Thank you! I really like how it turned out! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  10. Ha, Ha I might have to do this and include Chuck Norris too since my boys are always telling Chuck Norris jokes. Very cute!