Friday, May 9, 2014

Easy Memorial Day Decorations

 For Memorial Day last year. My mom and I wanted it to be special and not to have it be just another family dinner. While family dinner's are important, we wanted it to stand out as a day to be celebrated. We gathered a few fun pieces from the dollar store and used what we had around the house for the rest. I think that's the best thing you can do in decorating for a party to keep costs down.
I think the easiest way to make any dinner special is by adding a centerpiece. So we decided to use some mason jars we had filled with wheat in them already and turn them into centerpieces.

To start I criss-crossed washi tape over the top of each jar and added the outer seal on it again to make it look more complete.
 I gathered all of the decorations that we bought from the dollar store and designed by centerpieces from there. 

All I did was arrange our flowers using the washi tape grid to keep them in place and put our American flag bows on each side. It was a super quick project and I love the way it turned out. 

We added some more centerpieces to our food table to jazz it up a little bit and got cute plates to match our theme and that was that. I really feel like it dressed it up and made it special. 

While we were making preparations for the dinner, my mom and I were talking about how it makes a holiday feel so much more special when you put a little something into it by decorating and or talking about it.
We played a Memorial Day trivia game and my amazingly talented nephew Benjamin sang "My Country Tis of Thee". My heart felt so full. Not because of the decorations, (even though they did add a little somethin'- somethin') but because of who I was surrounded by and what Memorial Day means. In the end it's who we are celebrating with that truly makes a holiday special. 

The above picture is everybody that was there, we were missing some of my brothers' family, my sister and her amazing family, and my awesome brother Robert. The picture below is of sis and her Uncle Johnny.

This next picture is of PJ being pushed on the swing by his "pop". My dad is a veteran and it was an honor to celebrate him and all who have served our country giving us reason to celebrate this holiday.

 For those who have given their lives in the service of our country for the cause of Freedom, we honor you. To all of our past and present service men and women, thank you. You are prayed for and appreciated.
I hope you all had an amazing memorial day.

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