Friday, February 7, 2014

Car Seat Safety Label Printable

I feel like a lot more accidents have been happening lately. Most likely due to the nationwide horrible weather. 
I am a preparedness junky, I love it. 
I had been reading tons of posts from blogs all over, unfortunately I don't remember the one who said this but it really stuck out to me. It spoke about how often times in accidents involving children the parent can be unconscious and the EMT's are unable to get an emergency contact since the baby or younger child can't talk or doesn't know that information. 
I've seen these all over and decided to make my own to put on my little ones car seats and to share with you. I printed mine on sticker paper and then covered it with packing tape for a make shift lamination. You are more than welcome to use it! 
I have one for a boy:
And one for a girl: 
Just right click on the picture and save it to print it off. 
Here is what mine looks like on a carseat:


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