Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fitness Ridge-Day 1

Yesterday I was so nervous! I knew that today would be the first day of the rest of my life. For some reason I was procrastinating packing and getting all of my stuff together. I think my negative subconscious was just dragging its feet. 
It knew that today would be the day that I'd be kicking it's butt to the curb. 
I realize that I will always have a part of my subconscious that it negative...but I refuse to let it take up SO much of my life. 

I woke up this morning, got everything packed and spent some time with my sweet family. Once it was close to time to go, I held my lil guys' face in my hands and tried to explain to him that I would be leaving for a little while but I wasn't leaving for good. 
He seemed ok with it, I'm not sure if he truly got it. 
Then it was time to say goodbye to my little girlie. She knew something was up. She held my face between her tiny little hands and just started crying "No! No! No!" Thought I know she didn't understand, I still told her "Mommy needs to leave for a little while now so that she could be with you for a long while later." 

It was time to go. I got to ride up to Cedar with my sister and we talked a ton. It seriously is my favorite when I get to spend one on one time with her. She is so in touch with her faith and she inspires me SO much. 

It had one hour to myself. I jammed out to my favorite music and as I got closer to Fitness Ridge, the butterflies started to increase. 
The location of it is perfect. You are surrounded by the beautiful red rock mountains that are unique to St. George. It's seriously a resort. When you walk in it feels like you are walking in to a luxury spa. The lighting is dimmed and the smell is relaxing. I'm thinking they do that to trick you into thinking it really as terrifying as you originally thought it would be. ;) 

The first thing I did was get my fitness stats. I weighed in on this awesome scale that plays music to you as it calculates all your fitness stuff. 
I kid you not it plays a classical music tune. Again, I think it's trying to help you relax before you find out you are substantially not healthy... :) 
After that I got to meet the amazing bloggers that I get to spend the week with. Diana from Livy Loves To Run, Mique from Thirty Handmade Days, Camille from Six Sisters' Stuff, Emily from and Favorite Family Recipes, Camille's hubby Jared from Tone & Tighten. I can tell that it's going to be an awesome week. 

We had a delicious dinner that had some awesome "fried" chicken. 

I seriously need to figure out the recipe! We met some fun ladies that are spending some time here. For dessert we had a  chocolate covered banana. 
If you know me, you know how much I passionately hate bananas. But put some chocolate on top of it and I'm game!

To end the night we had an orientation. My favorite thing about it was that we all went around the room and introduced ourselves, how long we'd be there/have been there and what we hope to take from our stay. Those that have been there longer than a week shared advice with us noobs. 
Some people are going on 12, 13 14 weeks here. It's amazing. I loved hearing what they had to share. I met a cute girl that wasn't part of our blogging group but has a blog and is blogging about her fitness journey! I'm exciting to get to know her better as well. 

When it got to be my turn, I cried. Obviously. I'm a crier. It's what I do. 
I shared what I hoped to take home with me from my stay, and I'll share it here too. 
What I truly want to take home is two fold. 
I want to take home knowledge in order to teach and raise my children to lead a healthy lifestyle so they don't end up where I am now.
They truly do deserve it. 
The other thing that I didn't share is that I want to find JJ again. I know she's in there. 
I know she is begging to come out and she is ready. 
I am ready. I'm ready to work. I'm ready to earn my badge of honor in being a part of this amazing place. 
I'm ready for Fitness Ridge!
Although I must admit I'm not ready for the blisters...
or the possibility of throwing up during a tough workout...
I hope that's not a thing...but I'll find out tomorrow. 
And then I'll let you know!


  1. You go girl!!! I had a wonderful time riding with you part of the way today. I cherish the time we had together. I love you, Sister!!!