Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May 07, 2016-The Day After...

Since these posts have been so heavy, I decided to share a picture of my two oldest babies. Aren't they cute?! 

The morning of the reception I got up early to do some last minute surging and touches. I was ready to head to the church to help decorate when I got sent on a drink run. Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper is good for the soul I tell you. So I get to McDonald's and put in my order. Pay for my drinks. Pull forward to get them and guess what?! They were out of Diet Dr. Pepper. WHO RUNS OUT OF DIET DR. PEPPER AT 8:30am in the morning?! And then they asked me if I want my money back? Of course I want my money back! Sheeesh that totally frosted my cookies! So I'm teetering on tears and so frustrated. I get to the church where the reception is held and I am definitely in the anger stage of grief. I was so upset and definitely shaking my fist at God. How could he take John from us at that time? I would soon understand why. But in that moment I sure was mad and had a lot to do along with the other volunteers there.  I was definitely grateful for having a lot to do. I needed it. I needed to stay busy otherwise I would stop to think about John and I couldn't just yet. 

I was so impressed by the amount of help offered by various members of their ward family (congregation) as well as the help our family was able to give.

 I was in charge of decorating the cake, table centerpieces, and the food table. Shout out to my family for helping me make it happen. There were so many cute details, I wish I would have brought my camera to take pictures as well. 

The cake came together beautifully. My Mom helped me with the final touches. and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. You can catch a glimpse of the table centerpieces. I was so proud with how they turned out. I needed successes in the little things...especially because McDonald's didn't have my drink! Who does that?! Clearly I'm still stuck on that.

Here's a picture of me and the finished cake. 

A close up of the cake.

And how could I not put in a picture of the beautiful bride and her cutest flower girl! 

I know the post was picture heavy. All pictures were taken by my amazing sister. 

As far as symptoms, I didn't have time to notice them that day. As I put on my MuuMuu for the Reception I was a little self conscious about my bruises that were all over the back of my calves. But I quickly forgot about them as I went to work. Staying busy was definitely a blessing. 

After the reception I went home and picked up all of my pictures I have from when all of us were little. I wanted to go through the pictures, veg, and start to mourn John at my parents house. It was fun going through the pictures with family and remembering the good times. 

It was definitely the good times that carried us through the hard times that were looming closely ahead. 


  1. I mean, really, how can they run out in the morning?! That is preposterous.
    That cake is absolutely stunning. You are so full of talent and I am so lucky to be your friend!
    Love you mostest!!!

  2. That cake tho! Wow! You are a woman of many talents. Love you girl and wishing you the best.