Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Honeymoon-Cruising on the Disney Wonder

Our honeymoon with Disney was absolutely spectacular! They gave us the option to fly out the day of the cruise or a day earlier and stay in the Orlando Airport Hotel for the exact same price, so we opted to fly out a day earlier!
When we checked into the hotel we mentioned that it was our honeymoon, and the lady at the front desk gave us a free upgrade. The room was gorgeous! We even had a balcony! The hotel was actually located inside of the Orlando Airport, man it was so cool!!!!

When it was time to embark at Port Canaveral we got our neat boarding passes which were our keys to the world card. Then when our boarding group number was called we got to enter the boarding gate through a great big mickey head! I tell ya what! Disney sure does know how to do awesome events and experiences! 

The food on the ship was DELICIOUS! It tasted like mom's homestyle cooking presented in a gourmet style! One of the things we absolutely loved about the cruise other than the food was that they had a TON of things planned for the entire family! You could have family time if you wanted, and if you didn't you and your hubby could go somewhere else while the kids were being taken care of by an amazing fun staff with neat activities. It was incredibly family friendly! Also, we loved that if you couldn't afford to do the expensive on-shore excursions they still had things planned for the family to do, so it was a constant good time! Man we can't say enough good things about our cruise! 

The staff was always on top of things, we had free room service and we even got the super cute towel animals. The Swans were my favorite! 

This leads me to talk about the cruise entertainment/shows. They went above and beyond! In every show there were live fireworks, inside the ship, as well as in the picture below they even made it SNOW inside of the cruise ship. I can't begin to express how cool this experience was! 

All that I can say is, we've committed to do a disney cruise about every five years, we absolutely loved it and we totally agree when they say that cruising disney makes a difference! They sure did make our honeymoon an incredible experience! I can't wait to go again! We're so excited for when they come to the West Coast!



  1. oh that looks so amazing. We went on a carnival cruise for our honeymoon and we had a blast.

  2. Wow Jess that trip looks amazing and you and your hubby are so dang cute!