Saturday, March 23, 2019

Let's talk about fasting...

Recently a dear friend and I were talking about our kids and how you go about discussing sexual relations with them and why we wait for marriage. She brilliantly told me that with her children she tells them that like abstaining from food while fasting, even though it is delicious and we love it, we are choosing to fast to show Heavenly Father the willingness of our hearts and that we love him, it is the same with saving sexual relations for marriage. Sexual intimacy is good, and wonderful but we must choose to wait to show Heavenly Father the willingness of our hearts and that we love him. 
I was incredibly impressed with how she worded it. Instead of stating that it is a sin, or bad which can lead to Inhibition. Sean Brotherson explains Inhibition in this sense that it "refers specifically to an avoidance of dealing with one's thoughts, feelings, desires, or behaviors related to sexual functioning in marriage. Many husbands and wives who have an adequate understanding of sexual matters in marriage still struggle to overcome negative thoughts or feelings associated with the expression of sexual love." He went on to state, "The happy news is that the vast majority of challenges that couples may encounter in their sexual relationship are usually able to be resolved by a combination of patience, effort, knowledge, skills and motivation. Yet there must first be a willingness to address issues together, particularly if there are challenges with inhibition or avoidance of dealing with feelings or specific issues." 
I know that when the time comes, and it is coming sooner than later. It is going to be key to have an open dialogue regarding sexual intimacy with my children so that they don't come to incorrect conclusions regarding sex. I will teach them the fasting analogy. Heavenly Father blessed us with this incredible expression of love to our spouses, and though it may seem old fashioned, I know that saving it for marriage and between spouses can bring us closer together as couples and closer to eternity. 

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